Shellie Waller
Shellie Waller was born clutching a pencil and loved to draw before she could even read. She studied at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology to become a graphic designer, since it is one of the best ways for artists to make a living, apart from death. Not to worry, though, she is not ready to make that career move yet. 
Shellie recently won five awards at Art Director’s Club of Tulsa’s Graphex50, the Marvin D. McQueen Portfolio Award, and a team win for Best of Experiential Design at Graphex53. While she loves all things graphic design, there is a special place in her heart for logos and branding. She believes in the value of being a team player and in perseverance because the best things in life are worth the fight. 
Shellie and her husband live outside of Tulsa where, after a long stressful day, you’ll still likely find her in a blanket-fort coloring.